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Abortion Pill Online Purchase. A Safe Way to End a Pregnancy

Abortion Pill Online Purchase. Why Is It Worth Buying Online?

According to the WHO, women make between 40 and 50 million abortions yearly. The figure is huge and terrifying, but this is the reality we live in. While understanding that this statistic cannot be changed, the only thing left is to offer an abortion option that is less traumatic for women. The use of abortion pills is one of the ways women can do this, so abortion pill online sales rates have grown significantly within the past years.

Abortion Pill Online

A lot of pharmaceutical sites allow purchasing the abortion pill online without a prescription, and many women opt for this after positive pregnancy testing. The cost of abortion medications is much more affordable than surgical abortions in health care facilities. For this reason, many women choose to buy abortion pills and try to terminate the pregnancy without medical assistance.

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Cytotec (Misoprostol)

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Where to Buy Cytotec (Misoprostol)?

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Abortion Pill Online. How Many Women Choose This Method of Terminating Pregnancy?

There is a special term for describing the use of medications for terminating a pregnancy – early medical abortion. It is generally safe and is most effective up to 9 weeks gestation term. If women don’t seek medical advice before taking the medications, it is called self-managed abortions.

In case the term of pregnancy has crossed ten weeks, women should better terminate pregnancy with pills under medical oversight. Such medical procedures can be performed in clinics, medical offices, and hospitals with the help of a medical professional who will keep control of your medical condition.

The medicine that is indicated for this is called Mifepristone. However, if used alone, its efficacy rate reaches only 60%, which is not enough for women opting for safe abortion. To increase the rate of efficacy to more than 98%, doctors recommend taking a combination of abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

In 2018, 38.6% of all abortions were made using this method. The popularity of early medical abortions grew by 120% since 2009. It is positive news saying that more women terminate unwanted pregnancies without any serious risks for their life and health.

Abortion Pill Online

What to Expect after Taking Abortion Pills?

Some online pharmacies that offer medication for pregnancy termination don’t give details on how it works. However, it’s important to know about what your body is going to go through. After taking the abortion pills, you will experience severe abdominal cramping, nausea, and vaginal bleeding that might be more intense than your usual periods.
You may also develop some side effects, including dizziness, fever, fatigue, diarrhea, and heavy bleeding. Call a doctor if your condition gets worse.

Abortion Pill Online Over The Counter

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